ADO Marketing Collateral-06

Company 2

Small company with 2 directors working from different locations and no office base.

As the company does not have a formal office, the Accounts Department Online address is published as the address for all accounts correspondence and the company has been allocated an ADO telephone number answered by ADO staff inthe company name. The company’s clients are not aware that they are dealing with a virtual office.

  • Accounts Department Online receives an e-mail from the company’s website when an order is placed and raises a sales invoice.
  • Purchase orders and booking forms are also received by e-mail as some customers choose not to use the website booking facility and sales invoices raised by ADO.
  • All sales invoices are checked to bookings on a regular basis to ensure that all bookings have been invoiced and all invoices are booked.
  • The job costing system is used for each sales category to determine the profitability of the different elements of the business and job costing reports provided on a regular basis.
  • The bank accounts are regularly updated and reconciled to statements.
  • The client can log into our software remotely and can print any reports needed.
  • Payroll and VAT returns are all dealt with as required Management reports and analyses are provided by 9th of each month after completion of month end journals.
  • Customer statements are sent out at the end of every month and all outstanding accounts chased in accordance with a debt collection programme agreed with the company.