ADO Marketing Collateral-05

Company 1

Rapidly growing subsidiary of an overseas company. Parent company staff can log into the software from China to pull off reports and interrogate the system.

  • The company scans the book-keeping information and e-mails the documents to Accounts Department Online on a regular basis.
  • Any new jobs are set up on the accounting system by ADO and the invoices, expenses and bank transactions entered via the job costing system.
  • Each invoice has a link attached to it which opens up the scanned document that the invoice relates to.
  • This can include delivery documentation and e-mails where required.
  • The bank accounts are regularly updated and reconciled to statements.
  • The client can log into our software remotely and can print any reports needed. All hard copies of the documents stay with the client so they have these if any problems occur that they need to look into.
  • Job costing reports are done for each individual job, showing the income & expenditure for the job and profit or loss.
  • Payroll and VAT returns are all dealt with as required.
  • Management reports and analyses are provided by 9th of each month after completion of month end journals.