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Company 5

Small company with one director working from their own office base.

The company has a small number of staff and no dedicated accounts function.  Accounts Department Online provides the company with a full bookkeeping and back office service.

  • The client provides copies of sales and purchase invoices and all other relevant reports via Dropbox
  • When royalty statements are received from distributors ADO raises any sales invoices required on Xero
  • ADO uses data from sales reports to calculate royalties payable and raises purchase orders on Xero accordingly
  • When royalty invoices and other purchase invoices are received ADO processes payments for these using online banking
  • ADO enters all other purchase transactions on to the Xero accounts system
  • ADO analyses website sales and PayPal reports and posts resultant transactions onto Xero
  • ADO has set up a bank feed into Xero and ensures that these transactions are posted correctly, including foreign currency transactions.  Any queries are raised with the director and dealt with accordingly
  • The bank accounts are reconciled to statements
  • Any necessary journals are entered on to Xero by ADO
  • VAT returns, including MOSS returns for EC sales, are processed by ADO on Xero and submitted on behalf of the client
  • The client can log on to Xero at any time to access management reports and analysis